About ME

Who is this and why is that dog looking at him funny❓

My Beautiful Fiancee and the one the only Chuy!

Who is this man? What makes him unique?

My name is Benjamin, I am a fairly simple guy with generic interests I love gaming in my spare time when I have it (which is not often) after all I made this page to mainly assist me with job hunting and letting future employers like yourself get to know me as a person. 

I am part of quite a few communities in World of Warcraft and help others in Player vs Player Rated Battle Grounds by “Target Calling” and “Strat Calling” so I suppose you could say I am a team player in not only the working environment but also the gaming environment 😎.

Some Cool Facts

I absolutely love computers, and tech. Taking things apart working on projects and multi-tasking.

What else can I say about myself?


Time to take some time to tell you about myself and my personality as I am sure we are all wondering, I have been told I can be very analytical, to the point, and direct. All in all, I like to believe I am one to tell you the truth no matter how hard it is for you to hear it. Of course, I will always use tact when presenting myself this way but sometimes people just need to know if what they are doing is wrong, ethically, morally, or even technically. All of that would be based on extensive research or thought before I opened my mouth. 

It Is a Gift

What exactly is the gift? I will tell you I care a lot about ethics, how others get treated and how others treat people around me and if it is justified. I know a lot of people claim the same but I can sincerely say with my past and my experiences I know how much one can be affected by words that are said. All of us are important and most of the time with a little guidance we can all go a little bit further in our lives, whether that be in education, skill-sets, or even interaction with other people. I am always learning personally and always willing to learn more. 

Reach out, I am accepting of all possibilities, granted not everything will be for me, just like it wouldn't be for you. 😀