Personal Identifying Information and You

When considering PII and how important it can be in the field of cyber-security and catching malicious actors we all need that extra hand with protecting ourselves while protecting ourselves or organizations and the general populace from themselves.

Often, we will find situations where there are breaches in security, maybe in respect to threats of someone’s PII or ransomware directed at a person because PII was left available to malicious attackers.

Considering the above, as cyber-security professionals, it is also our job to teach and educate organizations and citizens on the value of their PII. In order to educate one must be taught and be willing to learn new and better ways as this will be forever an ongoing cycle of cat and mouse.

PII is defined as specific information to identify a person. Includes essential information such as the name of the person, their place of residence, social security numbers, etc.

Only 3% Percent of the world’s population tries to protect their PII

Cyber-security professionals are the 1%


Protection of PII what can we do?Live in the woods, in a tent with no communication with the outside world.

Can I still be a part of society?You mean you don’t like nature? Birds and bees ? Well then yes you can still be a part of society.

Programs to protect PII?Kali Linux, Anonsurf, Macchanger, Proxychains.

How to use specified programs?I must teach? So be it, let us get educated. (This will be updated in the future)

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